Why coaching? Why now?

Pressure, pressure! People are facing immense pressure amidst accelerating change. Acting under duress, we’re not always on our best behavior. With looming deadlines, we often fail to communicate clearly. In an environment of uncertainty, it can be nearly impossible to stop and make sense of the world we live in. We think about ‘things’, but don’t make time to reflect on ourselves. (‘8th Annual Survey Executive Coaching at the Summit 2013’)

“As leaders’ success becomes increasingly dependent on their teams’ performance working to improve business behavior is becoming an integral part of any coaching culture.” Fortune 500 VP of Global HR

What is coaching?  

Coaching starts by helping you become more self-aware and discover perspectives, strengths, and insights you didn’t realize you already possess. Read more here

What is coaching? (Erickson International)

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Why Coaching Works


The future of coaching

Royal Roads’ executive coaching experts and associate faculty share their predictions on the role of coaching in business within five years. Read more here