You can’t tickle yourself!

Growing up, I was an avid reader. I loved reading books, and still do. I recently ordered new books and as I flipped through one of them, the Discomfort Zone, by Marcia Reynolds, I was struck by the following line,

“you can’t tickle yourself or fully explore your own thoughts” (p. 5)

Have you ever tried tickling yourself? It doesn’t work. Have you ever tried exploring your thoughts, coaching yourself, working through a difficult situation, … FULLY, on your own? How far did you get? As a coach and a facilitator focused on change and transition, human development, and transformation, this is my default way of being … ongoing reflections about my thoughts, beliefs, mindset, interactions, impact, etc. It’s an endless process and as Reynolds says, it’s not possible to FULLY explore our own thoughts. Why? Because we all have biases and blind spots that require outside intervention … whether it’s deep conversations with family, friends or colleagues, or for sustainable shifts, with the support of a coach.


k model_forweb_wbgThe process I use as a coach and facilitator is called the ‘K’ model, a creative visual that I have been developing for many years. This model integrates a variety of tools that I use, most of them based on neuroscience, to help people excel and to teach them new skills as a way to get them out of the comfort zone. This is a place that is small and restrictive and where very little learning takes place. Stepping out of our comfort zone requires courage, which is level four of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness. What we step into is often referred to as the discomfort zone or learning zone. And … that is where the magic happens.

It is in this place that we experience the energy, spark and stimulation necessary for learning and growing, for expanding our mindsets, beyond previously held beliefs or perspectives. This work requires journeying into our subconscious, into our unconscious biases and blinds spots.

Once we journey beyond the comfort zone, we enter the realm of creativity, purpose, possibilities, passion, wisdom and our potential. It’s a place of expansiveness and energy. It is not possible to FULLY arrive at this place on our own. My role as a coach is to hold space for clients to enter the discomfort zone, to offer support, to provide structure, to hold them accountable, and most importantly to create opportunities to learn, grow, excel, and transform.

What is in your LEARNING ZONE, waiting to emerge? What magic is awaiting you?

If you’re interested in finding your magic, to step into your potential, I invite you to contact me.  I’m always happy to chat – that’s what I do.

Let’s journey to transformation together!


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