Change Your Brain: Tap into Possibilities and Potential

Coaching is a powerful tool for change, success and even health. And neuroscience is the proof that it works.

In my coaching practice, in fact, in almost anything I do these days, neuroscience is a key component of how I experience my life, professionally and personally. As it’s often said, once you know something, it’s difficult to ‘not know’ anymore. My understanding of neuroscience, what’s happening in my brain, body, and heart is like a guidepost to everything I do.The Brain

For example, when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I know what’s happening in my brain and I feel it throughout my entire body. I feel my heart racing and I know what chemicals are coursing through my body. I also have neuroscience coaching tools to change what’s happening in my brain so that I feel grounded, calmer, and able to regain my equilibrium.

A neuroscience approach to coaching is based on understanding how the brain works, using specially designed tools that apply that understanding. Ann Betz, co-founder of Be Above Leadership, says it beautifully when she describes this approach.

  1. Coaching helps create positive new neural pathways, leading to lasting sustainable change.
  1. Coaching and being “coach-like” tends to put people in a state where their brains are more open to learning, visioning, and growth.
  1. The tools of professional coaching have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, leading to more sophisticated thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, and creativity.
  1. Coaching helps build crucial connections between various parts of the brain. A well-integrated brain is correlated with more success in leadership and life.

Ann Betz, Be Above Leadership. Various sources, including: ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’, by Norman Doidge and ‘Mindsight’, by Daniel Siegel

Our brains are continuously changing, whether we like it or not, whether it’s intentional or unintentional. Clients getting coached using a neuroscience approach build the knowledge and skills to begin sculpting their brains … intentionally, just as they might strengthen their muscles in a gym.

Neuroscience coaching helps us understand who we are as human beings, with broad implications in our workplaces, communities and in our personal lives – improved health, stress relief, shifting mindsets, team effectiveness, improved relationships, self confidence, resilience, … the list is endless.

I have had the pleasure of training with both Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga, co-founders of Be Above Leadership. Their passion, commitment and love for this work has been contagious – they take complex neuroscience research and transform it into accessible language and even more powerful coaching tools. The deep learning alongside fun, practical, interactive exercises has been transformational for my practice and for my clients.

If you’re interested in having fun while creating change that sticks (note: most New Years resolutions fail), let’s chat.

Peace and gratitude,


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