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Give your brain a break – put down the notebook!

Our brains need to have everything ‘just right’ in order to function at an optimal level. What is just right, you ask? Well, let me explain, through my own personal story. In 2012, I moved across the country for a new job. It was a great opportunity and I was excited about the new chapter […]

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Change Your Brain: Tap into Possibilities and Potential

Coaching is a powerful tool for change, success and even health. And neuroscience is the proof that it works. In my coaching practice, in fact, in almost anything I do these days, neuroscience is a key component of how I experience my life, professionally and personally. As it’s often said, once you know something, it’s […]

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You can’t tickle yourself!

Growing up, I was an avid reader. I loved reading books, and still do. I recently ordered new books and as I flipped through one of them, the Discomfort Zone, by Marcia Reynolds, I was struck by the following line, “you can’t tickle yourself or fully explore your own thoughts” (p. 5) Have you ever […]

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The stuff in between: the journey from intention to outcome

Guest post for Spirit Moving Narrative Consulting A few years ago I felt the need to explore what else might be possible in my career. An opportunity presented itself and I made a courageous decision. The big change included not only a new job, but also a move from my hometown of Vancouver to Toronto. […]

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