About You

Welcome to the start of our journey together!

How can I be of service? What do you need? How do my unique gifts and approaches meet those needs? Are we a good fit?


  • are looking to make long term changes, not quick fixes
  • are willing to stay with uncertainty, ‘not knowing,’ long enough to see what emerges and arrive at new understanding
  • are already successful and confident, and now want to shift from good to great
  • enjoy learning, growing and challenging your limits
  • value new perspectives, new ways of doing, being, thinking



  • self aware, socially conscious, seeking new ways of being in your life and work
  • looking for support to avoid burnout and build resilience
  • interested in making an impact on a personal, group, organizational and/or systemic level



  • relationship oriented, focused on people, their gifts and potential, and helping them do great things
  • values based, focused on how work is done, and creating a culture of potential and creativity
  • growing and open to new ideas and trends, ready to adapt to an evolving and changing future
  • committed to the well being of your people and the organization
  • not afraid of change, and value a collaborative, mindful approach to addressing transition


What’s your need?

Whether you want to work on a personal, interpersonal, community-based or systemic issue, we will work together in a purpose-driven, strengths-based approach, leveraging your core values and setting fearless, intentional goals. You will be supported throughout the change and transition process in order to achieve powerful outcomes.





  • Testimonials

    “Thank you so much Indy for sharing your insights and tools around time and energy management in a specially created workshop for our needs. As colleagues we were able to individually reflect on our own work styles and habits and then share with each other to gain greater insight on how we work. This has led to greater compassion, honest communication and better problem solving amongst us and for ourselves. The tools will be referred to and used over and over again!- Mohini Athia, Director, English Language Programs and Services, COPA, Toronto, Canada
    I realized how much I was in need of changing the way I deal with time and energy management to be able to regenerate. You offered some great exercises that helped reveal some of my way of working that could be too demanding, energy wise and I thought of some tips to make my work schedule more manageable. I found the time went very fast and your presence was non judgmental and supportive. I’m now applying those new tips and experiencing an impact on my energy levels- Eillen Sellam, Coordinator, French Language Programs, COPA, Toronto, Canada
    Indy is like the Yoda of coaching; insightful, calm and powerful. She took me, and my business from a state of being overwhelmed and paralyzed to being productive and living a life of my dreams. She is truly remarkable and whether you are in a state of being overwhelmed and paralyzed, or simply want to take your life from good to great I highly recommend working with her.- Dean Sanderson | Photographer + Entrepreneur, Mexico
    Your questions were powerful, in-sync with what I was needing. I felt you were with me through the whole thing, listening at all levels. I feel very energized.Deborah Prieur BSW, MA – Instructor
    May I say how talented you are at asking powerful questions and encouraging one’s learning. Thanks so much!Lisa Ambaye, Ottawa, Canada. ‘Engaging Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations’, UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies
    Thank you Indy, for this course, the questions and thoughts that help to dig deeper. It has been an excellent experience with you as a facilitator!Lars Krause, Germany, ‘Engaging Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations’, UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies